Art form named "Zakkyo"

“Zakkyo” is a Japanese term describing a building complex where many different businesses, industries, people and products come together.This mixture of diverse elements is precisely what creates culture.
Originally, y gion was a tiny building in Gion filled with a sort of hostess bars called “snacks”.
The popularity of these types of entertainment died down in the nineties, so we wanted to create a modern space that offers the people of Japan and beyond a new way of enjoying Kyoto.

In the autumn of 2017, we will open an event space and rooftop bar that overlooks the iconic Kamo River.
A lot is being planned at this little zakkyo building, both locally and internationally!
y gion aspires to be a place where people in Kyoto can go to enjoy different forms of creativity. We value our community and we want to create things that can only be found in this truly unique city. We welcome anyone who has an idea or would like to connect with our team as partners, tenants, or collaborators.
Next year, keep an eye out for the Asian cuisine restaurant, galleries, and music bars moving into our y gion building!
Who will move into our zakkyo family next?